Saint Louis University
Bioinformatics and Computational Biology

Colloquium Series, Fall 2016

Week Date Speaker Title
1 8/22/16 Introductory Meeting
2 8/29/16 Tae Seok Moon
Washington University
Synthetic Biology: Constructing Programmable Cells
3 9/5/16 No Seminar (Labor Day)
4 9/12/16 Andrew Yoo
WashU School of Medicine
MicroRNA-Based Cell-Fate Reprogramming and Cellular Modeling of Neurodegenerative Disorders
5 9/19/16 Jeremy Buhler
Washington University
Short Reads, Parallelism, and How to Make Bioinformatics More Fun
6 9/26/16 Dale Dorsett
SLU School of Medicine
Drosophila TDP-43 RNA-binding protein facilitates association of sister chromatid cohesion proteins with genes, enhancers, and polycomb response elements
7 10/3/16 Blake Meyers
Danforth Center, Mizzou
Bioinformatics in the Meyers lab: Novel approaches to handling small RNA data
8 10/10/16 No Seminar (Midterm week)
9 10/17/16 No Seminar (Fall Break)
10 10/24/16 Rajeev Aurora
SLU School of Medicine
Challenges in Interpretting the Biology from Microbiome Data
11 10/31/16 Shaukat Rangwala
MOgene: Genomics Service Partner
12 11/7/16 Haijun Gong
SLU Dept. Math/Stat
Statistical Inference and Model Checking of Biological Networks
13 11/14/16 Ha Dang
WashU Genome Institute
Understanding Tumor Evolution and Progression using Next Generation Sequencing
14 11/21/16 Zhenguo Lin
SLU Dept. Biology
Evolution of Genome and Gene Regulation in Yeasts
15 11/28/16 Student Presentations
16 12/5/16 Student Presentations